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Department & Auxiliary Leaders

Church of God in Christ International-Arkansas

  • Bishop Dr. J.C. Watford

    National Senior Bishop & Chief Apostle

  • Bishop Dr. R. Marion

    Assistant National Senior Bishop/National Evangelist Board President

  • Bishop Dr. R.A. Copeland

    1st Administrative Assistant /National Chairman of the Board/Home & Foreign Mission President/ Director of WCD Bible Institute

  • Bishop E. McNear

    National General Secretary

  • Bishop D.L. Robinson

    National Deputy Bishop

  • Bishop N. Bernard

    National Sunday School Superintendent

  • Elder D. Gatling

    National Financial Secretary

  • Elder Stephen M. Riddick

    National Elders' Council

  • Elder Matthew Lloyd

    National YPWW President/Public Relations Director

  • Mother Dr. M. Lilly

    National Women Supervisor

  • Mother Dr. M. Long

    Asst. National Women Supervisor

  • Evangelist Raenette G. Riddick

    National Minister of Music